Budagov Strat Vintage Antiquity Electric Guitar

Budagov Strat Vintage Antiquity Electric Guitar
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The Budagov Strat Vintage Antiquity is an unusual electric guitar. It belongs to a professional series of guitars by Budagov made for the serious guitarist.

Here are a few facts about the Budagov Strat Vintage Antiquity:
The body is built from American alder wood, the neck and fingerboard are both Canadian Hard maple. The nut is made from real bone and the tuning keys are Grover.

What makes this guitar unusual?
The Budagov professional guitar series is made from fine aged timbre, at least 3 years old before it becomes a guitar body. Each guitar is then hand assembled and goes through comprehensive quality check to insure it fits our standard.

Then, just before it’s fitted with pickups, each individual guitar is weighed (A little more about that next). And finally, the Budagov Strat Vintage Antiquity comes equipped with Seymour Duncan’s amazing sound – Antiquity pickups.

Why do we weigh our guitars?
To create perfect harmony between the guitar’s electricity and body.
It’s crucial to match the correct amount of magnet wrapping around the pickup coils according to weight and wood type. This process makes our guitars sound exactly the way they should according to it’s character.

It’s common knowledge that no-one guitar sounds 100% like the other, so this is our way to assure perfect tone to each guitar, no matter what

To complete this attractive offering the Budagov Professional Electric Guitar Bag EC150  is also included with this guitar.


• Body: American Alder
• Neck: Canada Hard Maple
• Finger Board: American Alder
• Scale Length: 25-1/2" (648mm)
• Radius: 305R
• String guide: 2 string guide
• Nut:  42M M Bone
• Truss rod: L410, double action, downside hole
• Joint: bolt-on with plate(without plastic holder)
• Frets: 22F stainless steel fret
• width of neck end: 56mm
• posi. Mark: 6mm Abalone dots
• Side posi: 2mm Black
 Pickguard:  3 ply Mint Green
• Back cover: 3 ply Mint Green
 nobs:  white Cream
 Strap pins: standard Fender chrome
• Jacks: on body top
• Controls: 1V2T+5ways lever SW
• Pots:  250K Alpha
• springs:  3
• Machine Head:
Grover 305C
• Tremolo: Vintage
• Hardware: Chrome
• Pickups: 
Seymour Duncan
Bridge- Antiquity II Surfer Custom
middle- Antiquity II Surfer RW/RP
neck- Antiquity II Surfer
included: Electric Guitar Bag EC150 Budagov Vintage SSS

  Finish/ Painting:
• Head top:   NL
• Neck back: NL
• Body: VS


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Budagov Strat Vintage Antiquity Electric Guitar
Budagov Strat Vintage Antiquity Electric Guitar