Budagov JB Vintage+Budagov Pickups Electric Bass

Budagov JB Vintage+Budagov Pickups Electric Bass
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The Budagov JB Vintage Electric Bass guitar is a proud member of the Budagov Premium guitar line. This guitar proves once again that there is a big difference between a mass produced guitar on a factory assembly line and a “boutique” guitar that is made from the heart with a lot of love to music. This guitar was designed with the same passion that characterizes the whole Premium guitar line, with a commitment to use only the best woods combined with top quality electronics and naturally the hand that assembles everything together.

The body is made of American Alder, the neck is made of Canadian Maple, and the fingerboard is made  of rosewood. this combination ensures a ‘growling’ sound, much like the

vintage Jazz Bass guitars. And if you can find those in stores you will also find out that they have a very high price tag.

 !If you are looking for a Bass guitar that will have the ‘Jazz Bass’ character like the good old ‘Jazz Bass’ guitars you will love the Budagov JB Vintag.

American Alder Body,Canadian Maple neck, and the Budagov JB pickups = a growling good old wJazz Bass sound .


Body: American Alder
Neck:Canada Hard Maple
Finger Board:Rosewood
Scale Length:867 mm, (34.2 in.)
Radius: 350 mm
Frets: 20
Machine Head:Grover 144C
Bridge: Vintage
Hardware: Chrome
Pickups:Budagov JB Vintage

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