Shmulik Budagov, is one of the most influential musicians and one of the leading guitar players in Israel. He is a master producer and composer and has had a great influence on  the  development of Israeli rock music. Budagov  has been intimately involved with the Israeli music industry throughout the last three decades as he has worked both as a producer and as a performing musician on thousands of albums that were made with the best artists of his time.

Born in 1955 in Tel Aviv, he spent his youth in a house in which music was the focus of the family. His father has been one of the most talented Tar players in the country.

Ever since he was young, Budagov stood out as a talented and outstanding musician. When he was ten years old he bought his first guitar with money he had earned by working after school. It was at that young age that he decided to devote himself to music and began seriously learning to play the guitar.

Throughout his professional career, of over 35 years, Budagov gained much knowledge about guitar construction ( including the selection of the appropriate types of wood materials used in the production of the instrument) He had also established many contacts with the best manufacturers of musical instruments worldwide.

These contacts enabled Budagov to fulfill an long time dream of creating guitars, amplifiers and accessories according to his high standards. His biggest ambition was to create the ultimate guitar that combined superb sound in a large variety of styles to satisfy the needs of many types of guitar players.

In order to  achieve his goal Budagov contacted the best manufacturers who were able to produce Budagov guitars according to his rigid requirements. These same manufacturers also produce guitars for the most well known brands in the world.

The first Budagov Guitar line was introduced in 2005 and since then more models were created both for the amateur and the professional guitarists. the guitars started to attract more and more curiosity and gain respect around the world.

Interesting Fact: not long ago, Budagov was chosen to represent Israeli players in the “2000 cyclopedia” under the term “GUITAR”.

In 2009 Budagov decided to create his own drum brand and for this challenge decided to use some of his professional drummer friends and their expertise and so after a year of designing and planning the AB Drum line was born. Budagov decided once again to contact some of the world’s best Drum manufacturers and chose one of the best to make his drum brand. The result- AB drums became a enormous success! although young in age AB drums stand tall among the world’s top drum brands, with a warm and unique sound, and as with all of Budagov‘s brands – with a very reasonable price tag.

After creating his own successful brands Budagov decided to take his instruments to the world, using the internet and applying his concept of- Cut The Middle Man. This way musicians can afford great instruments at a reasonable price and without having to compromise on quality.

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