Benoit Nhaisi

I got to meet Budagov while getting ready for a new show and starting work on a new acoustic album, my friends recommended me to go and check out the Acoustic Guitars. After I got there I explained to Budagov what kind of a guitar I was specifically looking for and my tastes. He recommended me to check the the Fame EQ, an amplified acoustic guitar from the Premium line . the moment I held the guitar in my hands and started playing I realized the I’ve found what I was looking for. The guitar answered all my needs was snug in my hands and sounded great!! The next day I got to the studio with my new guitar and the other band members were excited how good it sounded. And in shows…no chance I’m there without it.

Benoit is playing Budagov Fame Acoustic Guitar 

Budagov Strat Vintage Antiquty Elactric Guitar    

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Benoit Nhaisi
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