Why do we realy need a bass guitar????

Every respected music band playing Rock, Punk, Metal, and even Jazz NEEDS a bass player! In some bands, you can name their bassist even before seeing their faces, like Paul Mccartney from The Beatles, or “Flea” from The Red Hot Chilli Peppers. With the bass guitar you can either ‘funk-up’ the track, or make it sound smooth and sexy! When choosing not to play with a bassist, you can replace him with a keyboardist to play the bass part, but you’ll probably feel you’re missing something! Long story short, a bass guitar is a must have instrument in every band!

What is the difference between bass guitar and electric guitar?
Other than the technical difference being the standard bass set as a 4-string guitar, and the electrical standard guitar set as a 6-string guitar, the bass guitar has a lower pitch - which means every guitar string is set-up to be tuned an active below, when comparing respectively to the electrical guitar. This bass tone can give a sound range in a low frequency meaning, thus adding more ‘feel’ to the groove, and a much more “fat” sound, whether it's being played live, or on your own stereo.

How does a drummer know what to play?
The answer is as simple as that - with the help of the bass player! The bass part doesn’t help the band decide on what tempo will be played necessarily, but rather on the groove on the general side, and on the way the drummer hits his drum set - on the bass pedal in particular. A bassist links the drummer’s part to the other instruments, while both share the common goal of being part of the rhythm section, which plays an essential roll in every band, no matter what genre they play
Why do we realy need a bass guitar????
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