Choosing a guitar for beginners

The beginning is always the hardest, and it is sometimes even more harder, to choose your first instrument as a guitar player! bearing the price should be the first step of choosing a guitar for beginners, but what are the phases the need to be handled afterwards?

Simple guitars for beginners
Purchasing “simple” guitar instruments doesn’t necessarily mean that the guitar brand you are searching is of lower class: a simpler guitar may be ‘labeled’ around the price issue, when considering its quality. The latter is consisted from allegedly less qualitative materials, such as: 1. wood - around the guitar body topic, 2. metal - around the frets and electricity compartments. However, for beginners, a more ‘responsible and mature’ purchase should be regarding the classical guitars area, because then the amount of you spend, could sum up to be cheaper than electrical and acoustic guitar for example. Also, after mastering the classic guitar, the player can make a more professional choice of having a more fit guitar for him - regarding the price, the tone and the Convenience when playing the instrument!

An electric guitar for beginners
Choosing an electric guitar shouldn’t be about the beauty issue, because there is much more than meets the eye! it’s true that you should feel comfortable playing with all the guitars that you choose, but besides that, the electric guitar chosen should be about internal guitar specifications. In order to do so, the player must define what sound does he want to produce from the instrument. A ‘lighter’ sound can be produced from a ‘single coil’ pick-up, which means that the sound will be more clean and clear. A more thicker sound without noises of 'humming' are usually what people are looking to find in ‘humbucker’ pickups.

A convenient guitar for practice
A convenient guitar for practice should be a one that doesn’t go out of tune every minute, and a one that the player is able to switch between chords more comfortably. These facts are regarding both acoustic and electric guitars.
Choosing a guitar for beginners
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