Guitar setup and its necessity

Even a guitar needs some maintenance from time to time! A special “treat” for the “lady” can help with an untuned instrument, and this set up is done on every guitar, no matter if its new or vintage! Now where is that guitar technician, because a guitar setup, is needed, with necessity we believe.

A guitar set up handling
On a basic level, you can count the number of steps in a guitar set up, in three or four simple stages. The first step will be usually straightening  the neck with the help of the truss rod - this is a kind of rod, that is built in and runs through the guitar neck. Adjusting the truss rod can be done by using a special wrench, that looks like a kind of a small bar. The adjustment is done usually from the head of the neck. In some guitars the neck needs to be disassembled in order to do the adjustment. The next step will be then checking the height of the strings, around the bridge and where the nut is placed, with the help of some tools. The third phase will be moving the bridge saddle back or forth. these three steps are suppose to correct intonation, make the playing easier on the neck while moving on the frets, and making sure the guitar won’t make a “buzz” sound.

Bass guitar setup
Picking up a bass guitar for a set up procedure is not so different in its steps, when ,comparing to an electric guitar. While with the electric one you can come out after one hour, out of the repair man’ shop, with the bass guitar set up, if it's done correctly, can be done after a few hours! And those who are strict with bass maintenance , will say that it can take even a few days!! The reason for the long waiting, is because the bass strings take more pressure on the neck, so their adjustment needs to be done slowly, when working the truss rod.

When a guitar setup is needed?
A set up for you guitar, whether it’s electrical or whether it’s a bass, needs to be done every once in a while! A guitar set up can bring the instrument back to optimum state, where all the parts and compartments are functional and working normally. Whenever you feel that your guitar is not as comfortable to play as it used to be, if you feel that the guitar is getting out of tune more than it suppose to, or if your guitar strings sound in the wrong intonation, even after replacing them with a new string set - then you should have it set up by a professional repair man!
Guitar setup and its necessity
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