Guitar Capo and Guitar playing Techniques

Do you seek out a guitar tuning device, that makes all the strings to be tuned-up correspondingly, in the blink of an eye? A guitar capo can be used to increase your time of actually playing in each session, and can do so with an investment of a few bucks! Using this technique of playing, you can surely have a more satisfying hour of practice, or playing with your instrument!

What is a capo?
A capo is used on stringed instruments, in order to have the instrument more high-pitched. The capo looks like long clamps mostly, and its purpose is to serve the song, with sound and musical composition - for a variety of musical styles! The capo device can be attached to the instrument, using numerous methods, and eventually the capo is attached to the neck, parallel to the fret of the instrument, like on one of the the electrical, classical or the acoustic fretted guitars!

Metal strings capo
A capo for metal strings is used for electrical and acoustic guitars. This capo device is made from stainless-steel substance many times, and the method of using is characterized with a kind of "screw-on pressure technique" capo, against the back of the guitar’s neck.

Classical Guitar Capo
Although some pressure is noted for - when putting the capo device on the classical guitar, there needs to be less pressure felt on its neck, because the wood isn't so thick and strong like the electrical guitars. This problem can be fixed with the capo substance, being made out of plastic and not metal, and the device itself is covered with solid rubber, so it won’t damage the nylon strings, when the capo is hanging on the classical guitar's neck!
Guitar Capo and Guitar playing Techniques
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