10 differnt items guitar player must know!

It’s nice to play the guitar, but every musician needs to know the basic things which are relevant to his instrument and playing - whether if they are some kind of tools, accessories or just plain definitions for the general knowledge, these are 10 definitions every guitar player must know!

Guitar pick
There is no need to use your fingertips or nails, in order to play the guitar! A guitar pick is a plastic thingy shaped like a triangular, which the dominant hand (or the hand that is using the bridge side) is holding. A pick can help gain more speed, and more control over the guitar strings.

Guitar pick holder
“Now where did i put that guitar pick?” - If this a quote that you pronounce often, there is nothing like a nice pick holder, to solve this tiny yet annoying problem. Using a plastic pocket that can hold a few picks every time you use it, a new pick can be bought rarely, and it even can be glued to the guitar, with no damage to be done to the instrument!

Guitar capo
If you need an accessory that easily tunes the guitar in higher pitches, a capo is what you need! The capo, a clamp shape holder, is holding the strings when laying against them on the neck, and it can save you a lot time and trouble when tuning the strings all together! With a guitar capo, you can virtually play any song you want!

Even before you consider buying anything else for your guitar, a metronome is a must and upmost important. The metronome is helpful by playing with a beat in different time signatures. No matter how simple your part that you choose to play is easy - having no sense of rhythm and tempo won’t help you progress, thus a metronome is one of the ten definitions every guitar player music know!

Guitar tuner
How else would we know that our guitar is tuned correctly? There are so many different kind of tuners, that with a simple handling, the instrument will be set in no time!

Guitar effects
A clean sound? Not in our school! In the sixties we would have probably needed to play a little with the setup of the amplifier, in order to have some distortion, but today there multiple type of effects that anyone can buy separately, or all-together in one box, when purchasing a multi effect!

Fingerboard cleaner
There is one way to get all the filth out of the fingerboard, and that is with the help of a fingerboard cleaner of course! using a cloth to smother the fingerboard with the cleaning formula, your guitar can look like a new instrument, that just came out of the box!

Guitar strap locks
Did the guitar fall already, while you were standing using a strap? There is no need to be traumatized and not playing while standing again! Guitar strap locks are a good solution to this kind of problem, and you will feel safer to hold your instrument while standing, and even jumping while at it.

Guitar stand
Forget about putting the guitar back in the case - a guitar stand is a nice and comfortable device to have, and if you are sick of homework and other assignments, the guitar will be there more than ever, if you ever feel like taking a break!

Guitar pick-up
How does the electric guitar produce sound when plugging it to an amplifier? A guitar pickup is the answer! A pickup "translates" the playing to an electric signal, and transfers the signal to the a divine music through out the amplifier. there are different kinds of pick ups, such as a single coil and humbuckers - but all are doing the same fundamental work.
10 differnt items guitar player must know
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