Choosing guitar effects

The next step in reinventing yourself as a respected guitar player - choosing your guitar effects! When the guitar musical note-bending sounds the same along the solo parts, or when the output of the distortion sound fails to satisfy your musical needs - try a nice effect pedal for a change! With the variety of the sound change, there is no wonder that the music industry is filled with these small electrical boxes!

Distortion pedals
At first, the effect of the distortion was not intended, and it was discovered allegedly when sound technicians tried to attend to busted gear. Later other tech specialist tried and succeeded in distorting the sound of an electric guitar, and today this sound is built to every respected amplifier! It’s no wonder that the same effect, that’s virtually been ruling the radio stations since the 70’s, has it’s own pedal! Being the first ‘natural’ choice for choosing a guitar effect - the distortion pedal are nice to rehearse with, and come most efficient when the guitar player (and the bass player too sometimes) needs to “bring it up a notch”, with a bit of “noise”.. and power!

Wah-Wah pedal
No doubt this effect is spotted through almost every genre there is - from Blues to Funk, and from Jazz to Rock! This guitar effect is used in a lot solo-guitars, and a good sample of its tone, can be heard in the beginning of Jimi Hendrix’s song ‘Voodoo Child’. Its main idea is to change the resonance of the note that is being played at that exact moment, so that it will sound like someone is saying the syllable: “Wah”!

Multi-effect or single pedals
The true difference between the quality of guitar effects in general, is differed when one effect is an analog-made, and the other one digital. Without digging into the electrical explanations of both the guitar effect types, let’s just say there is a reason why most of the musicians choose the analog effect: its sound is more ‘tone-friendly’, meaning that the musical note will be better in sound and tone than the digital effect. With the other effect it will make these features more ‘computerized’ and less alive and unique! The multi-effect can be more friendly to guitar begginers, who don’t want to choose one effect only, like a fazer, chorus, delay, reverb and the list goes on! While performing and trying to go pro’ with the guitar - trying a singular analog, instead of a multi affect, can do more good than harm!
Choosing guitar effects
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