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‘Where is my guitar teacher, when i need him to tune my instrument’? - Aren't you tired of this kind of situation, where you won’t even touch your guitar, because it is out of tune, and you have no idea how to tune it back to the way it will sound good again?! All you need is a guitar tuner, and you’ll be all set!

Guitar tuner pedal
The use of a tuner pedal is easy - even in gigs when the lights go dim and the players cannot see anything around them! Therefore, the scale of the tuner pedal (that helps tune the guitar) is made out of glowing little light-bulbs, so that the player can easily tune it from time to time, during a show. A tuner pedal is a kind of a small box with an expression stomp switch built on it, which with one stomp the guitar player can switch it on and off. These kind of tuners can be used for both electric and bass guitar, and some of these tuners can save a lot of battery power in them, simply by pushing a button that controls it!

Clip-on guitar tuner
Unlike the tuner pedal which is set on the floor and is plugged to the guitar and to the amplifier on two different ends, the clip-on tuner doesn't need any cable! This tuner is built with an arm that can be easily attached to the head of the guitar, and its power source is a tiny battery. The clip-on tuner picks up vibrations from the played strings, which are being shown through an indicator to the player - how tuned his or her guitar, is. This tune method is 99.9% accurate, because it uses a digital system, rather than an analog one (which is good, but not perfect - the analog is more accurate!). A more advanced device can help tune the string, with an inner mic also.

Guitar tuning with Smartphone app
Apparently this method becomes more and more popular - this isn't a good thing though! Among the various ways and devices of tuning a guitar, this specific way of tuning is the least most accurate method of doing so! Sure, its easy to download an application to your smartphone, but most of these applications are made by amateurs - and even if not, the little microphone that produces the app sound will probably make a distorted output, which won’t help you as a player progress and have a tuned instrument. Even with advanced built-in microphones, there is nothing like regular guitar tuners to have a good ol' set of tuned strings!!
Guitar tuners - Hardware and software
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