The advantages of using a clip-on tuner

Maybe the most common tuner today - the small tuning device that hangs on the guitar head, can be very efficient, when used during song playing, on a regular basis. This small investment (relatively speaking), can save a lot of time before and between jam sessions. But the advantages of using a clip-on tuner, is way more than saving a few bucks and minutes!

Multi instrument tuner.
In general, all tuners are used for each instrument individually. with the help off the tuner, the player can use this gadget on multiple guitars and other stringed-instruments, such as: An Electric guitar, a Bass guitar, a Ukulele, a Violin, etc. Giving this advantage, the clipped tuner can be passed around easily among the other band players, who use those musical instruments! Also, in some of these clip-on tuners, there is a chromatic tuning function: This allows the player to tune his instrument, according to every musical note - 12 in number!

Small guitar and bass tuners
Why using cables in order to tune the guitar?! The gain of using a clip-on tuner may be more convenient, than other type of tuners! A clip-on tuner is much more smaller, than a tuner pedal for instance, and therefore more portable and even more compact, when putting the tiny tool in your pocket! Some of these small-sized tuners can turn off themselves, thus their batteries are very Thrifty. A clipped tuner can be tilted in an angle 0f 360 degrees - another significant feature, when attaching it the gadget the headstock..

Clip-on tuner features
Other advantages when using a clip-on tuner, can be about the resolution of it: The musical notes which are being tuned at the moment of the use, can be seen very clearly, and in a big image on screen. The same musical notes can be seen in both a lighted and a dark room, thanks to its built-in screen lights (Now, that’s an instrument most preferable for a gig..). When concluding, the clipped tuners are very cheap, comparing to other tuners and reliable, relatively to their price.
The advantages of using a clip-on tuner
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