Guitar effects power supply

There is electricity everywhere! You can feel it through the amplifier, once plugging the guitar to it and hearing the static noise, together with the guitar effects, as well. But have you asked yourself, if you use those effects wisely? Sometimes, we need to open our eyes, and discover that there are other ways to give power to the musical notes which we so much hold dear, other than the banal ways!

Rechargeable batteries for guitar effects
Batteries, in general, are an exhaustible source of energy as we all know. Therefore, we can’t always rely on them, especially for the use on electric or bass guitars effects. The same goes for rechargeable batteries: Except for the issue mentioned above, these kinds of power supplies can do minor problems, as they also make a slight change on the tone of the guitar, whenever they are in use, meaning that the sound being produced can be bogged down, or have other issues..

Power supplies for effects pedals
Guitar effects in the form of a sole pedal, and even multi-effects, are usually being powered by a 9V battery, or a rechargeable battery with the same voltage. Occasionally, guitar players use transformers for their effects as an extra power supply as well. Now imagine that you have at least a dozen or more effect pedals, that each one need an individual transformer! This mass can be avoided by using one single power supply - one box, one big advantage!

Effect power supplies feature
The power supply box that had been mentioned in the last paragraph, can be switched on with a simple stepping, or just by putting its jack in the power plug. This power source can even operate 15 different effects together, when each power plug goes to its own socket. There is no noise during the activation of this device, and no dependence in a battery that can run out in the middle of the house jam, or worse - in the middle of the concert! The power supply box can have the power of 2.5 amps (very powerful), and to a better supplier there are 9V and 12V power outlets as well - and all of this features can guarantee the ultimate guitar effects power supply!
Guitar effects power supply
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