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You might have been waiting a long time for a Cheap Guitar Guide, but eventually we cracked it! Now, we are proud to present this guide and help you buy your not so expensive instrument, one that you’ll be able to play for a long time!

First step in buying a guitar
Nither the label nor the looks are the issue when buying a guitar! First of all, the instrument should be easy to hold (although most players get used to holding their guitar after a long practice, sometimes one can encounter an instrument that fits him like a glove). The guitar should not feel too heavy to carry, lift or hold when stretched, otherwise even short playing could be exhausting. Try to ignore the salesman’s pressure of purchasing a guitar when coming to the store - you should feel a 100 percent sure of your decision, or you’ll end up regreting that you spend your money. Ideally you should go to the store with someone who knows better about guitars with whom you can consult.

Guitar price range
Basic guitars should not cost more than 500 dollars. Occasionally people buy a pricy instrument because of their ambition to become professional musicians, but over time they have less interest in playing. Of course this is even more true for kids. There are other expanses one should consider when buying a guitar, such as strings and music lessons - the last one is far more important than having the instrument itself!

Guitar and amplifier packages
In almost every guitar shop, you can find a few packages that include an electric guitar as well an amplifier. The amplifier can be of 25 watts and it usually comes in small sizes - which makes it easier to carry around to jam sessions outside your house. It is worth checking these packges as the price might be attractive.
Cheap Guitar Guide
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