Tips for preserving an electric guitar

So you finally bought the guitar that you always wanted?! Well, congratulations, but what’s next? You should know that the instrument should be handled with care, otherwise it’ll get rusty with time. Here are some Tips for preserving an electric guitar, so it will sound good for years to come!

Cleaning the electric guitar
Since the guitar is made mostly out of wood, the tools that are needed to be used in order to clean it, should be materials that can conserve it well. The wood cleaner is the right answer for the cleaning question and as for its substance - it should be placed on a soft rag in order for you to clean the guitar body. The neck can be cleaned with a special bottle that is sold in every music shop. It’s important to clean between each fret, so that the rich look of the guitar will become visible again - and that can give the instrument its fresh look once again. It is important to wash hands, before even touching the guitar, and there are several cleaners that can be used, in order to clean the metal strings of the electric guitar and the bass too.

Electric guitar cases
Lots of times players decide to buy a guitar-stand, in order for the guitar to be more accessible to them. Although that device is very comfortable, the guitar gets neglected and eventually it gets ruined by dust and corrosion, when it is exposed to the open air! In order for the guitar to be preserved well, a case for the instrument could be purchased. By the way, a soft case can help maintain the tool, but a hard one gets it more preserved, when it comes down to carrying the guitar and playing outdoors. In general, hard cases last longer than softer ones!

Guitar setup
Among the recommended tips for preserving an electrical guitar, we bear in mind a guitar setup. With the handling of a guitar professional technician, the guitar can have an overall maintenance and cleaning. In addition, the strings can be placed with new ones and the bridge and the pickups might be set back to place. In some extreme cases, it is required to change the frets. To conclude, Guitar setup helps with out-of-tune instruments that a regular tuning doesn’t help with!
Tips for preserving an electric guitar
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