Bass guitar maintenance tips

The bass guitar is bigger in size and weight than a lot of guitar types - hence, it requires special care so it won’t get corroded and tarnished! There are a lot of tips for bass guitar maintenance, here are some of the best ones written.

Bass guitar setup
In case the bass doesn’t sound like it used to and perhaps the circuitry is loose or not welded as well as it did before, you can do a setup for your bass, which can be done by a professional technician as it’s not recommended to by yourself. The bass setup process can also include the adjustment of the action, the replacement of guitar strings and the cleaning of the fret board. As for the action, it can be adjusted so it will get in the proper height that you as bass player want it to be. Setting the action in the preferable height can make your slap tech, easy to achieve because it affects the speed also!

How to preserve bass strings?
Tired of tarnish all over your bass string? The fret board seems like it needs a good clean? One cloth sprayed with special cleaning substances, and you’ll get the best result of cleanliness that you wanted the bass guitar to have for a long time! These significant tools can prolong the strings life cycle and it can make them sound all new again!

Problem: amplifier feedback; solution: wax potting pickups!
Sometimes, when playing with the electric bass guitar, or any other instrument, you have the need to change the setting of the sound over the amplifier, but as soon as you get to the amp a feedback comes out of its speakers. The same problem can also add some loud noises, every time one of the bass pickups gets touched when played. This electronic matter can be solved by dipping the pick circuitry with wax - naturally, this process is called “pickup wax potting”. While it is unclear if the amplifier or the bass gets damaged, the process can clearly help to have a better experience of constant playing, without the necessity of buying new gear.
Bass guitar maintenance tips
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