Classic guitar maintenance tips

The classic guitar has lost its edge and it doesn’t look, nor sounds, so classy to you like it did before?! With some classic guitar maintenance tips, your personal wooden guitar can get to a whole new level of awesomeness! Just remember: classic means ‘class’ - and you deserve it!

Classic guitar bridge repair
Having an inexpensive classical guitar can sometimes mean dealing with some serious maintenance issues: one of them can be having a bridge that is lifted up! This may occur because of a job being not so well done, while using the wrong glue or not the right amount of the latter. In this case if happens, the bridge needs to be put back together on the guitar, but it needs to be done by professional hands, otherwise that wood of  the guitar’s body can be found damaged badly! A professional may or may not use a new bridge, when taping the compartment on the guitar back again.

Classical guitar nut replacement
A nut is the compartment that holds the strings on top of the fret-board, and he is to be found on the bottom of the headstock. The nut is usually made from plastic or wood and sometimes it can be found made out of bone! The nut can seldom be found broken As a result of abrasion, when it is more common that a plastic nut kind, will find its way to the trash can. In order to replace the nut - the new nut and perhaps the slot of the nut (on the bottom of the headstock) ought to be polished. A wrong installment may affect the tone and the playing as well, so again, a professional is recommended for the job!

Frets are worn? Guitar frets exchange!
Frets, like everything else, get worn out with time. This issue may resolve with the fact that the strings rattle regularly and the intonation is not what it used to be. When even the exchange of the strings doesn’t help, frets substitution needs to be done. Just remember, do not do the exchange by yourself!
Classic guitar maintenance tips
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