Guitar effects - Battery or guitar's effect board power supply?

You have asked a simple question and a simple and straight answer you will get! Guitar effects can be utterly useless without an internal or external power source, thus the right choice can save you, as a musician, a lot of time and money, for the long term!

Battery use for guitar-effect
Every effect pedal is battery-dependant, as well as multi-effects that are built with dozens of digital effects within’ their system. When the use of these effect-pedals becomes regular, it is natural that the battery will drain out faster. In order to not throw money on expenses such as batteries - you can purchase a rechargeable battery; however, they might have some affect on the tone of the instrument, whether it is an acoustic, bass or any other stringed-instruments.

Guitar effects without a battery
From dependence to independence - external power source, built in a form of an alloy box, are the ultimate solution for the musician’s effect pedal, and when used, you shouldn’t be worried about hums and buzzes coming out of it, and messing with a whole bunch of cords and cables. Moreover, you will also support a cleaner environment, because 9V batteries don’t have to be tossed out to the dumpster! There is no doubt that an external power source, when comparing prices to one single battery, is not cheap, but choosing this option means more serenity for you because then you'll know the power source won't drain out at the middle of a gig!

The best power supplies for guitar effects
If one is doing the equalization between a battery and a power supply for the guitar, he or she can find out that more and more musicians, ones aware of the outer power supply, realize that this is the ideal choice for them, rather than a simple battery to support their guitar effects! The outer power supply is built-in with 10 and above outlets (some of them have a very high amount of mill ampere), so now the next question will be: are you still pondering about what better power source to have?!
Guitar effects - Battery or guitar's effect board power supply?
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