Guitar types overview

Among all the guitar types: acoustic, electric, etc. - there are too many sub-groups that no one recalls to name! In order to keep things simple, there are several different features, that will stop making you or your guitar ‘gently weep.

Maple neck vs. Rosewood
In principal, most of the guitar necks are divided into two camps: Maple and Rosewood. Where the Maple has features of a white or a banana-like color over its neck and its tone and sound are respectively bright an high-frequented, the Rosewood features darker colors (mostly brown or black nuance) and its tone is much lower than the Maple and high-frequented. Musicians tend to play the blues genre and heavier genres with Rosewood necks and the softer genres with Maple necks.

Single-coil vs. Humbucker pickups
Pickups in general are the devices that translate the vibrations of the strings and transform them into an electrical sound. in simplicity, pickups who are closer to the bridge, tend to make a treble sound and those who are closer to the neck, tend to produce a bass sound. Sub-groups of pickups are called Single-coils and Humbuckers, where the latter are just double single coils wrapped together. Humbuckers tend to have more output in their volume and besides that, musicians are debated about the kind of pickups they choose, never mind the music genre itself.

Alder body vs. Mahogany
Allegedly both the alder body and mahogany can look identical, but the sound they produce can be elementary different. while the alder body produces a bright sound, the mahogany tend to produce a warmer sound, some will say they will choose the warmer sound in order to feel the rhythm part in electric guitars and the others will take lead guitar for the alder body, but this issue is individual and debatable at the same time.
Guitar types overview
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