Factors that affect the guitar’s tone

Everybody wants to be aware of what makes their guitar’s sound to be more lucid - not everyone knows the different factors that affect the guitar’s tone and that they can be internal, as well as external! in times like these, there is no reason to be ignorant about it, so you might as well get your “mind blown” right now!

What affects the guitar tone in general?
every small factor can change the tone of the guitar: they way it is designed, the type of wood from which both its neck and the body are built, her weight, the type of pick-up circuitry and their positioning on the guitar also have a significant matter, the way the guitar player chooses to fret on the strings (with a pick or with fingers), the type of strings and their thickness, etc. one example followed for one of the factors is when comparing the Maple and the Rosewood fretboards - while the first one will have bright colors and will produce softer and high-frequent sounds, the latter will have a low-frequent sound, that will probably sound more fit to the Blues genre.

Changing strings
Guitar strings tend to rust in time, thus they lose their metallic and sharp sound that they had to begin with! It doesn’t matter which type of guitar you play, but it is important to change the strings every once in a while in order to produce a better sound, out of your instrument. Old strings that haven’t been replaced with new ones can make the guitar sound out of tune radically. Some cleaning tools might help sustain the strings that corrode in time and it is necessary to cover the guitar with its case after every use, in order to avoid the humidity in the air as much as possible. Guitar strings change needs to be done every two months in average, as long as the guitar-playing is frequented.

What affects guitar sound?
Other than the factors that concern the guitar’s construction, the output of the guitar’s tone can be attributed to factors such as: The use of different amplifiers and the use of different guitar-effect paddles. Other causes can be the methods every musician chooses to play according to (regarding the angle of the fretting and the intensity he or she put on the strings!).
Factors that affect the guitar’s tone
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