Guitar pedals board - the perfect setup!

Music is all about sounds, and without a variety of sounds there won’t be different kinds of music. Why won’t you upgrade your music to the next level? The next level is all about effects units. To be simple, there are two types of pedals: single analogue stompbox effects and multi-effect (digital) pedals, or simply “Stompbox” and “Multi”.

Kinds of effects
There are more than a few kinds of effects for your use: Distortion, Overdrive, Fuzz, Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Delay (a.k.a. echo), Reverb, Wah-wah, etc. Every kind of effect changes the guitar’s output sound and therefore meaning additional sounds to a wide variety of sounds. By the way, you can use a battery or a power supply to connect more than one kind of effect.

Guitar effects - custom made setup
Can’t be satisfied from only one effect? If you want to have a perfect effects-unit setup - purchasing more effects can be done, then preparing a custom-made board and nail it with stompbox pedals. You can plug-in those stompbox effect pedals in any order, while every set-up has its own unique sound. If you want to save money and still have lots of effects, you can buy a multi-effect pedal and use it as a tool for uplifting your music!

Pro’s and con’s of the multi-effect
The multi-effect is cheaper (400$-600$ while every stompbox is 100$+), require less electric power, takes less space (a lot of effects on one device), and has a lot of different pre-sets, but on the other hand it’s less reliable, and inferior in sound quality (it emulates the sound of the stompbox), and less comfortable for tone editing (changing the pre-set takes more time).
Guitar pedals board - the perfect setup!
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