Budagov Custom Guitars and Sage Benado

.. “A few years ago a friend told me about Budagov’s Custom-Shop project. This friend asked me if I will be willing to help Budagov and get him connected to Seymour Duncan. Since I’ve been a fan and admired Budagov’s amazing guitar playing for years it was very easy for me to agree.

During my 15 years working with Seymour I learnt that he is happy to assist up and coming brands as long as they have quality products to offer. So I decided to check these guitars myself before approaching Seymour about it.
Visiting Budagov’d store in Tel Aviv I was very impressed with the staff and with Budagov himself who personally showed me the guitars and told me about the whole manufacturing process. And after just a few minutes of trying out and playing on some of the guitars I made a decision. For me a good guitar has to have a great acoustic sound even before connected to an amplifier, it has to feel good. I picked up the phone called Seymour and suggested him to make pickups for Budagov.

Here you can see me with one of my favorite guitars. Recently I take it with me everywhere I go. It’s a Budagov Strat style guitar with special pickups   that Seymour made me; they are just like those he made Jeff Beck. The Neck of this guitar just melts in your hands and the body just feels great. I remember that Seymour told me how much he liked this neck.

Budagov sent me this Les Paul style guitar and I was very impressed. From some reason I never really connected to a Gibson Les Paul but somehow when I got this Budagov guitar it just felt great. Once more Seymour made special pickups for this Les Paul and now I can’t stop playing on it.

I used to think that I should only play a Fender or a Gibson but today I feel great on stage playing Budagov guitars. They feel sound and look great”.

Sage Benado
Sage Benado is the owner of BenadoEffects-and for years a personal assistant to Seymour Duncan
Budagov Custom Guitars and Sage Benado
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