Electric guitars for fair price

If you want to purchase a good electric guitar for a fair price, why buy a guitar at an exorbitant price, when you can get a better value for your money? Budagov guitars are a worldwide indepedent label that makes guitars with the sound you might seek, whether it's Blues, Metal, Jazz or Funk, comparable to any other major label, and for a reasonable amount of money's worth!

Electric guitar prices range
When it comes to price - electric guitars, like most products being purchased, gets better in correspondence with the amount of money you spend - great tone, Convenience, better parts and materials, are hard to come by, for a fair price. Normally, customers can get a reasonable guitar with prices around 100$ - 400$ ,considering that they are beginners. For Intermediate level, the prices should be around 500$ - 1000$, and proffesionals can pay way more than the latter! But in the Budagov store, every insturment, no matter the price, is made with the best materials, with the best care and by the best proffesionals in the business!

Electric Guitar brands
If we'll write down a full list of all the guitar brands in the world, it will go on and on forever! There are so many franchises - worldwide or local alike, but there are some brands that every child, who has played a couple of chords, can recite! We refer of course to companies such as: Fender, Gibson, Yamaha, Schecter, Ibanez, Jackson etc. But it's not as if you have only major labels to lean on to -  Budagov guitars can also make guitars that are durable against damage and at the same time sound versatile (like being able to go from an edgy sound, to a one that gives a warm feel in an instant, when it's heard).

Affordable electric guitars
As a starting guitar player, there is no reason to pay a fortune for a new gear: neither for a guitar, nor for an amplifier! The first instrument you should pick up, regarding electric guitars, shouldn't cost you more than 400$ dollars. If you have played an accoustic or a classic guitar for some time, then the expense should be  around 800$ tops. The first one you buy, should be a one that is comfortable for you, rather than sound, color, or the shape - which comes secondary.
Electric guitars for fair price
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