"Must have" guitar accessories for every guitar player

Got your hands on your first guitar, and a handbook also to learn a few chords and notes? Well, that’s great, but what about peripherals?! A metronome helps you practice, by playing along with a beat, and a pick helps you play without getting any 'blisters on your fingers' (or is it ‘me’?..)! These are all just a part of what you can purchase, regarding an essential gear for playing an instrument.

Guitar tuning and practice gear
As a beginner, tuning a guitar can be frustrating sometimes. In order for you to practice more and to spend less time tuning your instrument, purchasing a guitar tuner might do the trick. Whether they are brand new or not, the strings on the neck need to get tuned every once in a while. A standard tuning for and electric, acoustic or a classic guitar, from the low string to the highest, is as followes: E(1ST), B(2ED), G(3RD), D(4TH), A(5TH), E(6TH). Some say that the analog tuner is better because it’s more accurate, but a better purchase for beginners can be a tuner that also functions as a metronome, which is a digital device (both can be used on the above instruments mentioned).

Guitar carrying cases and hard shell guitar cases 
Heading to a friend or a gig with your guitar and gear does not require planning ahead - if it’s a classic guitar for an example, you can take a gig bag that can be used as a backpack with one pocket (which can be ideal for these kind of guitars, when not carrying much with you along), but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you cannot have it well padded, thus making it safer for your guitar. Hard shell cases on the other hand, can be used when flying with an electornic guitar,  and it can be secured with padlock loops that can be locked tight with a keylock.  

Guitar accessories bundle - an all-included kit for a guitar beginner
A guitar bundle, other than an actual electric guitar, can come with other essential accessories: an electronic clip-on tuner, which is virtually clipped on the headstock of the guitar, a guitar stand (which is very convenient when playing a lot) a set of strings, and a useful pick - all of these are a must have guitar accessories for every player, in a decent price!
"Must have" guitar accessories for every guitar player's videos